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Ron Wing

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For those old enough to remember the film making classes at Wansfell, Ron Wing was the man who arrived with hundreds of feet of 16 mm film and an editing set up to show us how to edit. A kind thoughtful man with a twinkle in his eye and a sense of humor Ron did much for the amateur movement. Now in his 80s and in deteriorating health his wife Anneliese asked what could be done with his collection of film and equipment. Enter Dave and Jan Watterson, thanks to their efforts and connections a very happy conclusion was reached. Here is the letter from Annelies Wing.

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you all once again for all your help to me in dealing with Ron's cine stuff and I am happy to tell you that I went to the East Anglian Film Archives yesterday to hand over about 75 reels of cine film and 30 recorded tapes to Phillip Collins, the IAC archivist. They were very pleased to have them and thankful that I had managed to label them all and produce an inventory, which will save them a bit of work.

I was given a special guided tour and shown the process of digitizing, cataloging and storage in the vaults.
I feel that Ron's work has come home to the right place and imagine that his cans of film will end up on a shelf next to those of his friends Stanley and Sydney so that it ends as it all began.

It appears that Ron's contributions complements the work of the others, such as a recorded tape to add to a print they already had. There were negs. pos. and mag. track which seemed to please them, so I was glad that I did not throw them out.

I may be able to contribute a bit more when I have identified the last 10 or so films still remaining, and there was an interest in Ron's sound equipment as well.

I have been inspired and encouraged by this visit and feel grateful to you all for your encouragement in dealing with it. I feel that Ron will be very happy with this solution for all his work, which is garanteed to last at least 300 years in the vaults, who can ask for more?
thank you
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