Horror in my country

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Horror in my country

Post by Willy »

Two ladies and two babies being killed !
Horror in my country and perhaps also in yours. Belgium is in shock at the moment. A young man killed two ladies and two babies in a day-care centre. Unbelievable ! Belgium is bad. What a reputation we have abroad ! Hopefully you won't be afraid of me when I arrive in Chesterfield. Of course this may happen everywhere... in the USA ... in Britain ...

But why did he do it ? His name is Kim De GELDER. Psychologists think that maybe he watched the film "The Dark Night". The main actor is called Heath LEDGER.. He died just one year ago. In that film "The Joker" is the opponent of "Batman". His favourite weapon is ... a knife. The two ladies and two babies were killed with ... a knife ! Kim De Gelder had painted his face white. Around his eyes he was painted black... Just like "The Joker" ...

Make funny films !
I wonder if horror films don't have a bad influence on the behaviour of many young people who... Oh, sorry, my friends, maybe I am now an old man who always says "When we were young ..." ! But after all what happened in Belgium is frightening. Therefore make funny films and let's be cheerful !
Willy Van der Linden

Re: Horror in my country

Post by Roy »

While every sane person sympathises with the people of Belgium over this latest atrocity, I have to tell you that it happens every week in the Uk, somebody is the victim of knife crime. When these things happen everyone looks for a cause, and usually their reasoning is quite wirhout foundation. In the old days it was X rated movies, then it switched to comics. Tv was blamed after that, and now it goes to DVD's and the latest is the Internet that gets blamed. Surely the simple fact is that these perpertrators are pure evil or mad. I also have a favourite to blame and that is the food that is available to teenagers and younger. Modern convenience food is full of chemicals for different reasons and I think it makes a lot of people, especially the young, very hyper-active, plus drugs and booze. Ah well I told you people's blame was without foundation, so I suppose mine is as well.
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Re: Horror in my country

Post by stingman »

Every country has their @astards and this bloke IS one! Australia had a dad dropping one of his kids off a tall bridge! I wouldn`t even waste a bullet on them! I`d get a blunt blade and really slowy cut their throat. What a cheery subject! Must have been started from Europe somewhere :shock: :lol: :lol: !

It`s only mental and retarded people who films would effect.

If you have seen any of my films (and they affected people) then we would all be walking around in HAPPY LAND! So going only by my last statement, people don`t do what they see in films! Proof :wink:
Be good!

Ian Gardner
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Dave Watterson
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Re: Horror in my country

Post by Dave Watterson »

I certainly agree that there are fiends in every country. It is interesting that Willy was upset by news of a type of crime in Belgium which seems almost commonplace in Britain ... such crimes are not really all that common but we do have a number and they get so much publicity from journalists that it feels as if they happen a lot.

That exaggeration in the news media seems to be much more dangerous than any supposed influence from films, television, computer games, horror comics or whatever the bugaboo of the day happens to be.

I believe that some films can have an influence on people - some may inspire, others may warn of dangers - I hope that "An Inconvenient Truth" makes people a little more aware of the environment, that "Supersize Me" makes people think about their diet and that "Bowling for Columbine" makes people in the USA think about the ease with which Americans can get guns.

I'm with Ian in thinking that no film, tv show etc can turn someone into a killer - if they are already so inclined then they may choose to watch movies related to killing.

What interests me is how seldom we see a British non-commercial film which deals with such serious topics - whether as drama or documentary. Is it that we do not like to confront those ideas? Are we scared to show the world of a killer? Do we worry about legal action if we criticise something? It is not the same elsewhere: another Belgian amateur film maker has made a movie about a child molester.

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