First timer - New Home!

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First timer - New Home!

Post by Pqtrick »

This is my posting to the forum. I have recently relocated to the Lyon area of France. My hometown was Nuneaton, Warwickshire UK.

Many seasoned IAC members will know of Nuneaton well and the contribution they make to the IAC. I was a member there for many a year, just making documentaries and holiday films for local consumption.

Why did I leave? Well, we always intended to move at some stage to my wife’s home town of Villeurbanne. And the time came.

How did I start film making? My first film was made in 1978 on super8 to ‘Save Nuneaton Arts Centre’. It was ‘saved’, whether this can be attributed to my £30 film, I will leave other to conclude.

I joined Nuneaton Cine Circle quite some years later and carried on as a member making docs and travel films for local consumption. I finally joined the IAC and ventured to BIAFF’s & UNICA in Blankenburg and met some most inspiring film makers.

I made my second fiction film last year, with some actors from a local drama group. For this I used my Panasonic AG-DV30 and edited it using ‘Magix’! Yes, I do have Premier 6.5 but ‘Magix’ is so darned simple and effective. (In my work I used AutoCAD, so I can drive a computer).

So for me, this is a new adventure in both living and film making. Life in France is now a new challenge, I intend to continue to make movies.

If anyone can share a similar experience of moving to a new country and setting up moviemaking contacts it would be valuable to hear from them.
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Dave Watterson
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Welcome, PaddyW - though how long that pen-name will stick if you keep telling us about yourself in such detail, I don't know!

It is more than 25 years since I emigrated from Scotland to England taking with me a Quarz standard-8mm camera, a Midas 9.5mm camera/projector, several old B&H 16mm projectors, a cheap super-8 camera (brand now forgotten) and a Luch standard 8mm projector.

Needless to say my moviemaking, such as it is, did not start until NLE editing came along and made video worth looking at. Now I have a camcorder too - whee!

Luckily England and Scotland have the same standards for cine, video and mains electricity - and we both use the PAL video system not that odd SECAM system the French enjoy.

More seriously - there are some great movie making clubs in France and it will be interesting to hear in due course how you get on if you join one.


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Welcome Paddy! We have wandered around the world and lived in Norway, America and Hong Kong and spent time in New Zealand and Australia, (plus army time in Egypt) although originating from the UK and living there at various times.

My first move is to try and find a local video/film making club although these are thin on the ground these days and also join the National organisation (equivalent to the IAC) so that I am aware of what is going on nationally. I now live in a small town in the American SW with no video club so I joined a local theatre group and persuaded them to add a video production unit. Actually easy to persuade as they like to have rehearsals videod for analysis and want to make short narrative films. The local college has a media department and I have taken a course there and know the instructors.

It's the old story of building as many connections as possible and then developing the most promising. Please let us know how you get on and remember to enter your films in the annual AMPS Festival!

All the very best. Ned C
Brian Saberton
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Post by Brian Saberton »

Welcome to the forum Paddy.

I suppose I sort of emigrated in the reverse direction to Dave when I moved to Scotland from Yorkshire in 1966 although it wasn't really, because although my father was a Yorkshireman my mother was Scottish and Yorkshire folk have a lot in common with the Scots.

Becoming a member of the IAC (I actually joined before going into a club) opened up a whole new world for me and this was further enhanced when I joined Dalziel Cine Club (now Camcorder Club) and the Scottish Association of Moviemakers (when it was called the SAAC). This forum is also a good way of keeping in touch.
Brian Saberton
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