IAC 75 ... Bradford, IMAX and all that

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Dave Watterson
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IAC 75 ... Bradford, IMAX and all that

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So how did it all go?

I have heard privately that the selection of movies shown on the enormous screen looked great - maybe even a little too bright.

Those who were there ... please tell us what we missed!

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Re: IAC 75 ... Bradford, IMAX and all that

Post by Willy »

Dave Watterson wrote:So how did it all go?

I have heard privately that the selection of movies shown on the enormous screen looked great - maybe even a little too bright.

Those who were there ... please tell us what we missed!

Romy Van Krieken was there, Dave. She sent me a message and told me that she had a wonderful time in Bradford. Maybe she can tell us more.
Willy Van der Linden
Ken Wilson
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Re: IAC 75 ... Bradford, IMAX and all that

Post by Ken Wilson »

Dave Watterson wrote:
So how did it all go?

I have heard privately that the selection of movies shown on the enormous screen looked great - maybe even a little too bright.

Those who were there ... please tell us what we missed!

Ken says:
Carol and I went. It was a superbly comfortable way to watch films, very relaxing with a clear view of the enormous screen. Actually floor to ceiling, but of course only the middle section as it was in 4:3 format.
If only all our festivals could be this way.
I have heard that as the first film shown was "Unlucky For Some", the classic film from Altrincham from the 70s transferred to tape, the projector brightness had been turned up. I don`t know if this is true.
So on movies with light scenes such as sky shots, it tended to burn out a bit. However, apart from this, it was a great show, well presented by Linda Gough, who,was suitably stood on the stage in the spotlight, with a crisp and clear mic fed to a tip top sound system.
Films shown were the IAC doco "The Noble Network". It was first on so we missed the first few minutes, but what we saw looked very good. We saw our bit and also Dave`s, Garth`s, David Newman`s and many others. It`s well worth a look. Nicely shot, edited etc...
There were two AV sequences which we both "enjoyed", called:
"Striped Pyjamas" and "The Sadness Lasts Forever". I put enjoyed in inverted commas as they were both quite sad and poignant pieces.
Films were:
"225" , "Elegia", "The Shoot", "Pelicans of Guana",
"I Just Knew", "Making Music", "Splash of Colour" and
"Would You Prefer to Watch Fireworks".
A good selection.
It seemed well attended and I heard perhaps 150 were there. I would have guessed 100+, but don`t know for sure.
We only had one interval to chat and as always there were a lot of people I didn`t manage to get to speak to. So sorry about that to any of you reading this.
I expect others will add their comments soon.

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Post by Stephen »

75th Bash at Bradford

This was our first IAC event together, therefore my wife and I were both looking forward to "a bit of a posh do! "

Arrival at the hotel
Arrived in Bradford around 1:30 pm (and guess what, its raining!)
No problem ....... It's a quick dash from the car and we are straight into the Peel Midland Hotel without too much of a soaking … hey… is that hotel a most impressive building or what ? !

We were welcomed by the hotel's friendly, courteous staff, checked in and soon settled into our room.
After choosing our evening meal from an excellent choice of menu, it was time for a quick shower and off to the National Media Museum.
(Note: A big thank you must go to Linda and Michael for finding this accommodation at a very reasonable rate...top class!)

National Media Museum
Less than a 10 min walk from the hotel found us in the foyer of the museum where the first thing that caught our eye was the IAC stand! Plenty of literature there and a few folks buzzing the stand, (hope you got plenty new members!) - Hey…why not have some form of permanent presence there?

IAC 75th Programme
2:15 and into the Pictureville theater for the main programme of the day

Wow ! ……….What a venue !

An excellent sized screen, comfortable seats and superb sound system, but the best of it all, in that the IAC should be justly proud to have the likes of Linda Gough who presented the programme. Thanks Linda… you made the whole thing flow seamlessly.

With good projection and sound facilities the films were both enjoyable and entertaining. (See Ken Wilson's post on what was shown!)

Although the premier of a Noble Network was informative, my wife and I both found that "little green man" most irritating... and the sound of his voice even more so!

The quality of the projection was good but the quality of the video itself in some areas I would have expected to be of a higher standard (there was evidence of burnt out skies, dubious true colour representation, the appearance of many digital artifacts, and at times poor quality graphics... Sorry!)

A welcome cup of tea and biscuit, great time to put names to faces and be introduced to many interesting people! but as usual not enough time to meet as many as we would have liked!

Back to the films and another great selection to enjoy on that big screen.

On the whole the audience seemed to like the programme… (but on a personal note …please get rid of that little green man… the concept is good but for me the graphics and dialogue just did not work)

Back to the hotel
The evening's proceedings started in the spacious French Ballroom of the hotel. Adorned with superb examples of Victorian plasterwork and 5 huge crystal chandeliers from a by gone-age. What a stunning backdrop this made for a convivial evening's entertainment

An excellent meal was presented with plenty time for some great conversations! We even had time for a Birthday celebration for Peter's 80th complete with a slice of birthday cake!

Finishing off with drinks in the bar and a bit of surfing the net to find the history of Lilly Langtree and the joys of Youtube! (don't ask !!!!- I had to pack in after my 4th pint of Guinness as I couldn't focus on the screen!!)

All too soon it neared midnight …… not too late to bed tonight me thinks..…….. Ahem……

Sunday morning (it's still raining!) but that did not deter us from a hearty full English breakfast and back up to the museum for a double bill of IMAX shows (with a hefty discount courtesy of our IAC tickets!)

Most of the afternoon for us, was taken up by a "behind the scenes" tour by the curator. He gave a fascinating insight into the workings of the museum and many interesting exhibits were seen.

If you couldn't make the trip make sure you get your name down for any others planned! it was well worth it

As said elsewhere on this forum ... It's not just about the IAC.... it's about being amongst friends...

Thank you to all those involved in the organisation of the Celebration of the IAC's 75th Anniversary in Bradford.

Film making is not a matter of Life and Death
It's much more important than that.
Brian Saberton
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Post by Brian Saberton »

After Bradford I went on to visit family in Wakefield for a couple of days before moving on to Scarborough for a short break so I'm only just catching up with the forum.

Bradford was brilliant!!! The hotel was great and the food and service excellent and in fact the deal that Linda and Michael had negotiated meant I paid the same for dinner bed and full breakfast that I subsequently paid at a supposedly budget hotel for just bed and "continental" breakfast in Wakefield. I drove down on the Friday so had all of Saturday and Sunday to spend in the museum and this meant I was able to see three Imax films (at discounted prices for the IAC) do the behind the scenes tour and enjoy snacks (IAC discounts again) in the cafe. Although I have been to the museum on many previous occasions, much had changed since my last visit so there were plenty of new things to see.

The anniversary show was excellent and worthy of the surroundings which, as Ken has said, were supremely comfortable. The weekend also presented a chance to catch up with friends from around the IAC.

My thanks to all concerned for a terrific weekend.
Brian Saberton
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