Our Adventures in Film Making.

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Our Adventures in Film Making.

Post by stingman » Sat Feb 24, 2007 12:39 pm

Dear all,
As brought up by Willy in a different thread....

While Filming for your own films. Have you had to film anything unusual. Have you had to do anything dangerous while filming. Have you had any funny expiences while filming?
Anything else connected with danger and excitement?

My funnies would be dressing up as different characters (women as well) for my famous `Pop Videos`.

Getting very wet while filming a holiday film for the clubs holiday comp.

Hanging on while sailing in The Solent while tring to work the sails. Sailing Very scarey :oops:

Going on a shoot for one of my films and forgetting to put a tape in my video camera 8) ! Having to go back home to get one and then back to the shoot.

Being gestured to stop filming the French Police under the Eiffull (wrong spelling sorry) Tower.

Filming a group and getting excitted and accidently pressing `Pause` without knowing, missing a good bit :shock:

I`m sure there are more :shock: :shock: :shock: !!

Enough about me :( :oops: :lol: Over to you.............
Ian Gardner
Film Maker

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Dave Watterson
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Post by Dave Watterson » Sun Apr 08, 2007 9:32 pm

These stories are already on the main website but bear repetition here

I will confess to having dropped a realistic dummy from an 8th floor school window for one movie. We warned people in the classrooms below but did not consider the public in surrounding houses. BIG mistake.

On another occasion having faked a realistic (and rather gory) bicycle accident shooting was interrupted by passing motorists skidding to a stop and offering help. Even placing signs 50 yards ahead saying "FILMING IN PROGRESS" did not help.

- Dave

On February 12th 2000 the 'Gloucester Citizen' reported that armed police were alerted when passers by saw what they thought was a violent crime being committed. Two men in their mid 20's were making an amateur movie, one in a balaclava and one with a fake gun.

D.C. Andy Castle is quoted as saying: "These people gave no thought to the consequences of their action."

Thankfully Gloucester constabulary are not the gung-ho shoot-em-up types we see on American tv cop shows and no one was hurt.

Police were also the good guys when Finchley Cinevideo Society were shooting in the streets a few years ago. As Edward Agius told it the movie makers had hired a low-loader lorry, placed a car on it with two actors working hard and a camera crew shooting what looked to the viewfinder like an amazing tracking shot through the streets. It was a great scene but as a friendly, if concerned, traffic policeman pointed out the crew were not properly harnessed and could have been at risk.

Edward showing his IAC membership card explained: "We're only amateurs."

To which the cop muttered back: "You can say that again!"


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