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Hello Peeps

just a quick note of introduction...
a complete Video newbee here ... but with a keen interest for nearly 12 months now....

Joined local group (Newcastle ACA) about 8 months ago... great friendly membership with a wealth of knowledge and skills...

Joined IAC in December 2006....

Some observations.......
Hey !... this IAC is great... an inspiration and a great port of call ...... very helpful to the newbee !! are doing a great job keeping a valuable resource going... very informative (the mag is always eagerly awaited) and the IAC is well represented in cyberspace !!......

I hope to contribute in the future...


Film making is not a matter of Life and Death
It's much more important than that.
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Dave Watterson
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Post by Dave Watterson »

Welcome aboard, Stephen.

Give my regards to Billy Ellwood, Tony Cox and the crew at Newcastle.

Nothing's perfect, not even IAC, but all in all it's pretty good. There are lots of people helping and encouraging each other.

Is your nicname an indication of an interest in animation, a hint that you are musical but can't spell, or does it just say you look like Bart Simpson?

(Big Beardie) Dave
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Post by stingman »

Dear Stephen,
Welcome also, It`s always hard starting out in this great hobby and passtime. You`ve done the first two right things for this hobby. Joining a club and the IAC. Let`s hope you make many films. Your first one is the hardest. It is scary seeing one of your films on the clubs projector but it lets others enjoy your film.
Many happy years of film making and welcome.
Ian Gardner
Film Maker
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