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Music offered for film

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My name is Adam, I compose music dedicated for film purpouses. As for the
time being, my main sound is the piano, but as time goes by I have the goal
to develop it. Its a matter of finansial issues mostly, as Im a student still.

My music is, I would say, rather melancholic, sometimes a bit sad, but still
with a glinch of hope. People usually say they can visualize things when
listening to my stuff, something which makes me think I suceed i what Im

So far I have been behind the music in a few ametur productions, but Im struggling
my way upwards, so therefor I post here in order to reach as many as possible.

Drama is my favourite genre, it probably tells when listening to the stuff
I compose. Drama is also the most common genre producers present to me when
they contact me.

As far as economical compensation, I am still in my startups, and the most
important thing is to get a name somewhat, gain contacts and new friends
working in the field. Still, I think its fair, if the film have a somewhat
budget, to be economically compensated, more or less.

Listen and see if thats something you would consider having in your film.

Thanks for your time. =)

//Adam Lõppe,

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