Thank you ref MP3 Unsigned

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Paul Sinclair

Thank you ref MP3 Unsigned

Post by Paul Sinclair »

Just a short note of thanks to the IAC for mentioning MP3Unsigned on your
Home Page.

Many of out unsigned (mostly amateur) Artists have expressed an interest
in writing music for Films.
We have started a Production Library -
which you would be very welcome to visit.

However, it would also be great if any of your members, who were looking
for Music to be specially written for their Films, to be able to work individually
with our Artists. I think this would be mutually beneficial for both sides
to start on the learning curve of working together.

We have a very active Forum and it would also be great if there was some
kind of Cross Community contact for your members to enquire about availability
of Artists in any specific genre.

If any of you wish to do so, please contact 'Stew' by e-mail
and he can set up a Forum for this purpose.

Once again, thank you for the interest.
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