REAL Spooky!!

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REAL Spooky!!

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How's this for an amazing film coincidence or something
even more spooky?....

This morning I was working on a film, "Lapidoptera" in which
nine different coloured butterflies fly onto, and settle on a green
background, eight of which are then eaten by a big bird,
which in turn is caught by a snarling cat.
As the curtains close at end of film the free butterfly flits across
the screen, stops, lays some eggs in the shape of "THE END",
and flies off. End of film. Now comes the spooky bit

This afternoon I visited Stamford Hall, a beautiful 17th cent mansion
in Leicestershire. In the wonderfull old library full of veryold books
and antique furniture was a big incongruity. On one of the old chairs was
modern looking green cushion. On this was embroidered....wait for it!!!

YES, NINE different coloured wmbroidered butterflies!
Not 8 or 10, but nine! The green cushion was just about the same
colour as my film's green backgnd too!
Neither the guide nor anyone else knew anything about this cushion.
So I simply cannot resist sending a copy of film when complete to the owner

of the house. Spooky eh?

Albert....really spooked.
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