Virtual Video Group IAC Membership Application

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Virtual Video Group IAC Membership Application

Post by edin »

I wish to make an IAC membership application for the Virtual Video group and on looking at the membership application form it is based on an individual membership/club at a fixed location. In the case of the VVG the group coverage is the UK covering all the Regions and not fixed to one location. Advice is therefore sought as to how I should complete the membership application form. I am already an IAC member and get my copy of the F&VM in the case of the VVG a digital edition would be a great asset.
I look forward to your advice and comments.
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Re: Virtual Video Group IAC Membership Application

Post by TimStannard »

I am surprised the VVG isn't already affilaited. The IAC should make this possible, poste haste as the VVG is a fantastic initative. There are many groups who meet online and whilst at present it may seem the IAC might not appeal to them, this certainly one area we should look at expanding into.

To answer to OPs question, whilst you have no fixed location, you presumably have a Secretary or someone whom you could nominate as the "address" of the group. It is far quicker and more practical for yoj to do this now than to wait for the IAC machinery to catch up. You are operating NOW. Even with the best will in the world it is going to take two or theree editions before FVM goes online (and we all know there are many implications with this).

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