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Solo Filmmaking Outdoors & Mountains.

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 5:22 pm
by Ray Smith
New to the forum and would appreciate advice on how to improve my filmmaking for my YT channel.

My main films are about my trips in to the mountains and as I go solo it presents a challenge in both filmmaking and the equipment I use. Currently I only use a GoPro Hero 4 that is appreciate not ideal however I think it has produced some good shots considering. Don't have a mega budget but will look into getting a DSLR or similar for more close up shots.

I also need to keep my equipment weight low and protected from weather due to the locations ands distances covered. Have dabbled with drones to add some extra dimensions as I cant get pan, zoom shots on my own. The biggest problem with the drone is weight and weather and as such is limited when I go out.

Below are a couple of my more recent films and would appreciate any advice good or bad on how to maybe improve the general composition, shots, etc.

May need to have some sort of basic script as my talking to camera is a bit blahhh. Also I do not use any screen with the GoPro and really just take rough aimed shots of what I think is interesting and possible good composition. Also the walking shots take hours of time to any trip to setup. Is it really worth it? Also on some films I add music and it seems to be a love hate thing with YT watchers.





Re: Solo Filmmaking Outdoors & Mountains.

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:42 pm
by ned c
Hi Ray;

I enjoyed your films. May I suggest a map of Scotland at the start with a zoom in to where we are. Also; the month of the shoot will be helpful for potential visitors. I like the drone shots and they certainly add a new dimension - brave man flying above a lake in the mountains! Have you tried modifying the underexposed sections at the edit? Wind noise - generally you do very well and I don't know enough about GoPros for methods of reducing it. I find the pacing OK for the subjects; perhaps a bit tighter but that's just me. thanks - well worth while.

ned c

Re: Solo Filmmaking Outdoors & Mountains.

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:17 am
by Michael Slowe
I have only viewed the Scotland mountain film so far and I must say, I'm mightily impressed. As a documentary film maker myself I appreciate the difficulties that you outline but you do seem to cope with them very well. Of course the perfect weather that you had for this film must have helped, particularly with the quality of the visuals, which were stunning for the most part.

Personally, as a mountain walker, I didn't find any of it boring or too long, although viewed generally as a 'film' others may not agree. If I may criticise it would be regarding the music. You've used it merely as 'wallpaper' which I never countenance. Musuc should be either used creatively or not at all in my opinion. You have tended to have similar music throughout which irrites slightly. I realise that you are inhibited by copyright issues but there is plenty of scope to used cleared material of great variety. Try Audio Network plc, not expensive and a huge range.

As to cameras, you have done so well with the GoPro that I'm surprised you're not satisfied. I wouldn't go the DSLR route because you don't want to have to change lenses on the hill and they tend to be heavy. Why not investigate some of the smaller, lighter new Sony cameras? Incredible quality, good focal lengths and very good audio. Were you using a radio mic. in your film? I noticed the wind muff, it was certainly very effective.

I admire your stamina, especially when one considers that you had to back track after every take to recover the camera!