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An Avatar Fan Meet Up Promo Video from 2012

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:16 pm
by Alan
Hope folks don't mind me sharing this as it is an interesting exercise to try out yourself, although this one did have a purpose.

Here's the background. In 2011 there were two meet ups held in Seattle organised by Avatar fans. Why Seattle? Well that is where an exhibition on the film was opened and of course that was the place to go for Avatar fans.

Anyway, it was decided that these separate meet ups were so much fun it was decided to have an official meet up in 2012. So a planning team was brought together to make it happen. I found myself helping out and hit upon the idea to make a promo video for the event.

But how would we go about it? Then I thought, why not recreate the Avatar film trailer! Only this time change the words slightly, but keep the editing cuts and style exactly the same as the original Avatar Trailer with our own footage and keep the same music.

So I googled the words from the original trailer (everything is on the internet!) and set about changing them. Next thing I needed was people to do the voice overs....ok I needed American accents. You might think that was a problem, but actually that was the easy bit as I now had a shed load of American friends!

And so how do I direct them and capture their dialogue. Believe it or not that was easy too! Skype - it is a gift to international film making! There was one occasion where I was editing the last bits, but I didn't like the dialogue, so my mate in Las Vagas was online, I Skyped him and we re-recorded his dialogue - twice. But how to get his sound file to me? Easy - Skype file transfer! Within the time it took to transfer the file over it was on the timeline and part of the edit. 15 minutes tops from re-recording to being on the timeline!

Ok, I guess you would like to have a look, but before you do check out the original Avatar Trailer first:

Now check out our version for AvatarMeet 2012:

Ok, we ripped of the music from the Avatar Trailer. You would think we would be in deeeeep doo-doo with Lightstorm Entertainment for making this. I must admit when we found out they had seen it, I did have a bit of a brown trousers moment. However, their response was that is was 'a great sizzle video'!

The result of AvatarMeet 2012 was that we not only had Jon Landau come and visit the meet up, but we also had Dr Paul Frommer attend and give lessons in the Na'vi language that he created for the film.

A couple of us created a series of videos from the event, 22 in all! If you would like to view some of them, then check out the link below:

You might want to have a go at trying out your own film trailer by learning from real ones. It's a great way to learn.


Re: An Avatar Fan Meet Up Promo Video from 2012

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:27 am
by john ingham
Well done Alan..looks like you had a great time and you enjoyed the filming side

Re: An Avatar Fan Meet Up Promo Video from 2012

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:27 am
by Alan
Yeah was definitely great fun. Especially being able to combine two hobbies. :lol: