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HMS Illustrious 1948 disaster memorial, Portland

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:11 pm
by Portland42
Another totally unplanned video. The 45 minute version has been 'adopted' by the HMS Illustrious Association.
I find following even slow aircraft difficult. Any tips?

The code originally given did not work ... I modified it so that it does. Here's what you do.
Go to your film on YouTube
do NOT use the code from the Share option on YouTube
copy the much longer code from your browser toolbar.
click the youtube button to insert the start and end codes in their square brackets:
between those codes paste the long code from your browser.
In this case:
[youtube]### ...[/youtube]
but here I added the ### characters so that you can see the code, otherwise it would simply run the film again in a second window!]