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our beautiful surroundings

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:58 pm
by john ingham
Hi Guys,

still messing around and trying out new things, here is another quickie , i have used a couple of clips from the other film just to see how they work out..also bought a new tripod and have noticed a massive difference

auto and manual used...


Re: our beautiful surroundings

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:29 pm
by FredD
Hi John,

Yes, it's getting good ! :D Very nice footage, well cut, and well mixed sound !
The new tripod is doing a great job and straight horizons make so much difference !

On the 3 shots of Kai, taken from your first shoot, you could straighten up the horizons in post.
That is, if your edit/fx software has a 'Faux Motion Control' facility. Adobe After Effects is the
ideal software for this sort of thing, but some NLEs have this facility.

Keep up the good work !
Kind regards,
Fred D.

Re: our beautiful surroundings

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:56 pm
by john ingham
Thankyou fred :D yes I noticed right away what the difference the new tripod made,

I took on board what you guys said about the panning, and hopefully it shows,

having been given some advice by you guys really made it a pleasure trying to get those shots..really thinking about the filming.... still a long way to go.and I'm just starting out, so i want you guys to pick me up on everything, I'm here to learn...

audio will come a little later..i want to concentrate on the filming 1st