A/V sequence - sort of!

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Brian Hazelden

A/V sequence - sort of!

Post by Brian Hazelden » Tue Oct 23, 2001 4:41 pm

I've just finished a video documentary about a Victorian photographer. There was no live video, just a series of his stills with music and a voice-over. It occurred to me that I could have overcome the 500 line limit of video and got closer to the quality of an A/V slide sequence by playing hi-res stills from the PC into a data projector.

Most video projectors are data projectors first, but in data mode can handle a resolution of 1152x864 or better, whereas PAL DV has a maximum of 720x576, but this is reduced to 500 lines by DV tape. (Are lines the same as pixels?).

I tried using MS PowerPoint and while it handled the slides ok the dissolve transition is awful and it's very difficult to cue the transitions to music. Does anyone know different? Am I missing something, or is there better software for the job?

Brian Hazelden

Maureen Albright

Re: A/V sequence - sort of!

Post by Maureen Albright » Thu Nov 22, 2001 11:33 am

Hi Brian
Have you looked at PTE or to give its full name Pictures to Exe (http://www.wnsoft.com/) or Media Show (http://www.cyberlink.com) software?
Links on http://www.swindonphotosoc.co.uk

PTE has a very hepful forum too.
best wishes.

Brian Hazelden

Re: A/V sequence - sort of!

Post by Brian Hazelden » Fri Nov 30, 2001 3:42 pm

Hi Maureen,

Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I had given up hope of anyone replying and it's not easy spotting new posts to old messages with Internet Explorer.

I've down-loaded both programmes and had a play with them. I'm very pleased with progress so far - it looks like they do exactly what I was looking for. Many, many thanks, Maureen.

Medi@ Show is great for quick results while "Pictures to Exe" allows for better control, at least so far.

Are you an active A/V presenter (is that the right title?) and do you use these programmes? I imagine they would be good for trying out new A/V sequences, or do people show presentations from computers and projectors these days?

My (sort of) A/V sequence "George Woods - Photographer" won an award at the SERIAC film and video festival last Sunday and little imp is now whispering in my ear, "Enter Movie 2001 as a movie AND an A/V sequence". There are probably rules that prevent it, or perhaps I'd be disqualified from the A/V competition because they are George Woods photographs, not mine. I'll try and ignore the imp, but who knows?

Kind regards

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