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Copyright Material

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If A Non-Professional Musician Friend of Mine Sang, and Played a Song, which was Originally Sung By "Elvis Presley" and is Currently under Copyrighted Material,, And I Recorded the event on my Camcorder, and added it to some of my own "Captured Clips" Could I show it to a Group of Friends in A Public Place, without any charge or cost , would I be in Breach of Copyrighted Material....

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Mike Shaw

Re: Copyright Material

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My understanding of the situation is that the Performing Rights belong to the singers/players (the Royalty aspect), whereas whoever wrote the song still owns the copyright for it, and would (probably) expect a copyright fee. This is what makes performing out-of-copyright pieces so attractive amongst musicians - no fees to pay.

I remember years ago in the days of variety and music hall (yes, I do remember!) that comedians and so on, if they didn't have their own signature tune were all played onto stage with the same out-of-copyright song (and the name of it escapes me although the tune I can hear quite clearly in my head - I think it was called 'Happy Days are Here Again').

The question is a bit clouded by the Friends aspect (it would be like singing a song on a coach trip I imagine - who would find out?) - 'in a public place' - if the public are invited to be there, then I think the 'rules' apply.

Consider music for a wedding video - that is for 'friends and family', yet commercial music should be covered for Royalty and Copyright.

I always put myself in the position of the person who created the music etc as part of their 'living'. Great to hear your work played everywhere - but if there is no income from it ...
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