A warm welcome to all. Here we talk about films, which people put onto YouTube or Vimeo and embed here. The idea is to allow useful, friendly discussion.
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In the last few days of 2009 Jan and I have been doing some re-organising of the forum. We may do more bits and bobs of tidying up over the next few weeks, but as of 29th December we think the basic job is done.

Instead of one forum we now have several. If you log on to one, you can take part in them all.

The division of subject matter is a little loose - how could it be otherwise?

It has been fascinating skimming back over the last decade of posts. At one time we were quite ferocious in our comments! It is also sad to read words from people who have since died or dropped out of our hobby.

We have removed a lot of outdated announcements, spam and some blank messages where people hit submit by mistake. If you have time look through some of the older material. There is a great deal of good sense amongst the banter.

- Dave
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