When Hard became Easy!

A warm welcome to all. Here we talk about films, which people put onto YouTube or Vimeo and embed here. The idea is to allow useful, friendly discussion.
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When Hard became Easy!

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Dear Filmmakers,

The latest Competition at my club (which was handed in last night, which is to be held two weeks time) is the Open Competition. A max 12 minute with anything going (almost) :oops: :lol:

The film I chose to make was about my Tropical Fish. It was a quick edit of two days, finishing on the day of handing in!!!

Anyway, I like to do something new in each of my films, it makes the members watching say `Wow`, it stops them getting bored while watching and it also gives them ideas for there films.
I chose to do my titles differently. I wanted a fish swimming across the screen, gradually exposing the titles. While not being able to plant titles into the tank (This I have just thought of and would be cool, but I`m not explaining it better as I don`t want to give you ideas!) I had to do it the hard way.

I thought long and hard and chose to use `mattes` or `maskes`. It took me two hours to come to the conclusion that doing it this way wasn`t working for me. I looked into it again.

The way I did it was to crop the Title Layer and as the fish moves across the screen, gradually move the crop via Keypoints to get it perfact. By adding a bit of edge-feather and other bits and pieces, it looks quite good.

My point to all this (and to keep your attention on me ;-))) is that sometimes we think that something will be really hard, and therefore think up a really hard way to do something, when in fact there is a really easy way of doing the same job in about 5 minutes!!!!!

Be good and don`t do it the hard way. There WILL be an easier way to do the job.

Ian Gardner
Film Maker
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Re: When Hard became Easy!

Post by Suziedave »

Very Interesting, I like it when people share ideas. :lol:
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