dont know where to start...

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Ryan Maynard

dont know where to start...

Post by Ryan Maynard »

Hi. I'm a 21 yr old very interested in films... but i have no idea where to is pretty much out of the question, I've read about a cdrom that is award winning..blah blah blah..but the real question I guess is, what kinda equipment should I start out with? I already have a (very unprofessional) handheld camcorder but am looking for something that would give me better, movie quality film... and I dont know a whole lot about professinal video cameras.

I was just wondering if someone could point me into the right direction and I'll be able to fend for myself .. thanks for your time and patience with an aspiring kid.
Michael Slowe

Re: dont know where to start...

Post by Michael Slowe »

You will be getting all sorts of advice I am afraid and you can't take it all!

Here is mine:

The camera that you use is not all that important, most digital video cameras give a very good image, as good as we used to get on 16mm. film. Depending on your photographic skill and knowledge, you may want to be able to manually control focus and exposure, and the more professional cameras give you a black and white image in the viewfinder for easier focussing. You may also want to consider cameras that have proper professional sound sockets and a decent on camera mic. as well. Don't forget a decent tripod!

However the main piece of kit that you need, and one that makes the most difference, is your editing facility. If you are serious go to see a company that sells different set ups and of course price will play a tremendous part in your decisions, as with most things in this life.

Knowledge, skill and in time, experience and hard work are what matters, not equipment.

By the way, join a good active and skilled club to enable you to judge your progress against other people's work.

Michael Slowe.
Brian Hazelden

Re: dont know where to start...

Post by Brian Hazelden »

Hi Ryan,

The most important piece of equipment is your imagination.

The second most important thing is light.

michael carter

Re: dont know where to start...

Post by michael carter »

If it's film you want, use film and view and talk here where filmshooters meet and join their forum. I transfer film to video and put them on my web site as samples of various

Re: dont know where to start...

Post by AN »

"Brian Hazelden" <> wrote:
The most important piece of equipment is your imagination.
Yes, yes. ...and keep it well oiled and well used.
The second most important thing is light.
Of the lumen or religious kind?'s praying on my mind.
Cinema For Thurso Group

Re: dont know where to start...

Post by Cinema For Thurso Group »

Well there's lots of advice you can get and everything is helpful.

Mine is this- First of all work with what you already have and learn what it can or can't do. Yip, sure the equipment is not the most important thing. Film and video making is a learning experience all the time like life in general.

As you progress through your interest you will face difficulties but you may also overcome them if you use your imagination, skill and common sense which work together and fead off each other. No matter what technical problems you encounter whether you use film or video there is a bottom line- there's nothing you can't do- so don't take "no" for an answer and remember to let your work decide the medium you film on because at the end of the show it's all part of the language of story-telling.

High-tech isn't always the right thing, the best equipment not always suitable. Low-tech may not be proficient. Sounds complicated but as you learn you can move on to new things.

Meantime, if you do have any questions feel free to contact Cinema For Thurso Group directly or ask at the IAC or any of it's members. You don't have to be a member of to get our help or advice. Otherwise, best of luck and happy movie-making.
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